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Marie Ubota Lacaya

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U J-ust Rub

ang herbal rub ng bayan...
50hkd ml 25 grams
The Amazing and great Ujust Rub is now here!
It compose of powerful natural and organic ingredients like Lagundi, sambong, herba buena, damong maria, romero and etc. which is approved by Department of health (DOH) as an altertnative medicine that is no side effects and no harmful ingredients to our health that we can recommend to our love one's
Proven and tested by consumer! It is very effective relief for :
Relieves headache
Stiff neck
Back ache
Muscle pain
Muscular Disorder
Common colds
Itchiness and Insect Bites
Muscle Cramps
Very powerful Inhaler
The smell of this one is like a menthol and eucalyptus scent,that you will feel more relaxing everytime you use it...
NOW is the time to think about the health of our love one's to better use an organic and natural that is not harmful to our health, This is proven that there is no side effects for everyday use....

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