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Sitz bath tub

What is Sitz bath Tub?
It is revolutionary product designed & manufactured by us, especially to treat all those patients who have delivered baby & had to undergo vaginal stichting. They have to sit in a tub filled with hot water to give heat to the area & this is very painful during this period, so we have designed this product which you can place over the toilet sink & comfortably sit over it.
Equally it is very important & effective for patients suffering with Piles or fissures.
How does Wonder Sitz bowl help?
Increase blood circulation to the area,cleanses & soothens skin resulting in relieve from pain during pregnancy, menstrual cramps, piles , haemorrhoids, fistula, fissure patients & detoxify for weight reductions (water therapy)
No more hurting your knees by sitting in plastic tub placed on the ground?
How to use Wonder Sitz bowl?
Lift the toilet lid & place it fill with hot water (37-39 degree) & sit over it the extra water flows into toilet from the holes provided in the bowl without making your washroom wet.You can add antiseptic with doctors advice
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