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LUXXE WHITE Enhanced Glutathione (775 mg)
🔹Most Effective Whitening Supplement.
🔹60 capsules per bottle / 775mg per capsule.
🔹Good for smokers and alcoholic drinker.
🔹Good for kidney, liver and lungs.
🔹Good for Acne, pimples and blemishes.
Ano bang Benefits ng Glutathione?
- Tumutulong ito para malinis o ma-cleanse ang internal body and organs especially the liver
- Ang side effect nito ay ang pagputi ng kutis or what we call WHITENING of the SKIN. Balanced ang pagputi na ito kaya nakakatulong na mapantay ang kulay ng kutis.
Luxxe White has been proven and tested by many people. Maraming user ang nakitaan ng napakagandang mga results. Madalas makikita mo na lang sa internet or Facebook. Hindi lang isa, napakarami talaga!
What’s the difference? Anong kinaibahan ng Luxxe White sa ibang glutathione?
Glutathione Blend (per capsule)
• L-Glutamic acid - 180 mg
• Glycine - 200 mg
• L-Cysteine - 120 mg
• NAC - 100 mg
• Vitamin C - 100 mg
• Alpha Lipoic Acid - 50 mg
• Grapeseed extract - 25 mg
Total: 775mg per capsule
Ito yung pinakamataas na glutathione content here in the Philippines. Compare the content of our glutathione to others to see the difference.
It has 60 capsules. Kung 775mg per capsule ang content ng Luxxe White and you’re taking 2 capsules per day, ibig sabihin ay nakakatanggap ka ng 1550mg of Glutathione in one day. It’s high content.
It is an Enhanced Type Glutathione.
This is the HIGHEST FORM of Glutathione in the market today. Mataas ang absorption rate, mas mabilis ang effect.
Ang function ng Luxxe White as an Enhanced Glutathione is to ENHANCE the Natural Glutathione in our body. Tumutulong din ito para makapag-produce pa ng Glutathione ang katawan.
Enhance, meaning it improves or takes it on a higher level.
Special Precautions:For those na nag-tetake ng meds or under certain medical condition, pregnant or breast feeding. Consult your doctor first.
✔️FDA Approved
✔️Halal Certified
✔️Made in USA
✔️Awarded as most effective whitening supplement 2014
✔️Best whitening and Anti Aging suplement 2015
✔No. 1 Whitening skin care brand 2016
✔️Most powerful whitening supplementt 2016
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