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Primmox Freshthink

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Freshthink Urinal Screen - (2 pack) Important Fr

Urinal Screen
Available Fragrance - Aqua, Lemon, Mango, Strawberry, Cool Mint.
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How it works :
In high-traffic areas, cleaning should occur more frequently. The following steps should be followed:
• Disconnect the water supply to the urinal pot
• Place Taski Fresh & Clean urinal screen on the pot
• Do not flush after every use
• Spray odour eliminator after every 4-6hrs, depending on traffic
• Replace the urinal pad after four weeks, or when you cannot smell any fragrance, whichever is earlier
• Do not pour water at any stage
• At the end of the day flush out waste collected in the urinal.
Benefits :
• Easy and simple to use
• Saves 60% water
• External fragrance system not required
• Lower bacteria levels
• Lower operating and maintaining cost.

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