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Kobe Chau

SOLD $3,000

滑梯床 bed with slide 90% new

滑梯床 90%新 (適合香港小房間)
Bed with slide 90% new (suitable for small room)
After a long search to find this bed,
點知個女唔自己瞓, 所以張床瞓唔多過五次,床褥膠袋還未開封.
And my girl refuse to sleep alone, and this bed has been slept on no more than 5 times. Mattress still in original plasric wrap.
成套買時$6000 , 現售 $3000
Brought it at $6000, now selling at $3000
W43"x L78.5"xH43"床bed ( 30" 床褥位離地 mattress from ground)
19.5" x 17.5" inch 滑梯平台 sliding platform
(滑梯能反轉從右到左安裝, 床腿延長部分可以取下,成為普通低床
Slide can be install on left or right side,bed height extension leg can be removed to return to low bed)
自備運輸. Please prepare transport.

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