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SOLD ₱799

One sim load to all Networks

2,998 Dealer Package
Different Earning Scheme as Dealer in TelePreneur Corp
1.Load Selling- earn 2% discount plus top up in loading
ex. alltxt10= 9.80 pesos lang ang mababawas sa loadwallet mo plus top up 3pesos bali income mo is 3.20 in 10pesos sa 1k you can earn up to 320pesos.
2. Retailer activation- per activation you can earn 200pesos. if 10people maactivate mo na gusto mag eloading may income ka 200x10=2,000pesos
3. 1% Over ride commision- example nagreplenish ka kay TelePreneur Corp ng Load ng 1,000pesos ang papasok sayo na load is 1,010 pesos. nagreplenish ka pa lang may kita ka na agad.
4. Referal Bonus- kapag may narefer ka kay TelePreneur Corp na gusto din mag Dealer makakatanggap ka ng 300 pesos bonus. kung 10people na refer mo may 3,000pesos ka income.
5. Pairing Bonus- Every time may 2Dealer pumasok sa account mo makakatanggap ka ng 700pesos.
6. Unilevel Bonus- every 5th day of the month may matatangap ka kay TelePreneur Corp na rebates sa load consumption mo in one month.
7. Indirect Referal Bonus- for example yung narefer mo nakapag refer din na gusto magdealer makakatanggap ka ng 20pesos kahit hindi ikaw ang directly nagrefer
8.Redeem points - in your 5th pair bonus you can earn points na pwedeng mong i-redeem kay TelePreneur Corp into exciting gadgets and more.
9. Activation of Reseller- for example nagkapag activate ka ng gusto mag eloading business. yung inactivate mo na retailer magkakaroon din ng 5free activation meaning pwede din sya magactivate ng sim up to 5 activation. kada may maaactivate yung inactivate mo na retailer makakatanggap ka ng 40pesos income if magamit ng retailer mo yung 5 activation mo may income ka na 200pesos.
How to become Dealer here in TelePreneur Corp?
pm me for details?

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