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*🔮MC-71007 (party wear)*
*🔮pallu- heavy chifon crepe
*🔮skt-mono net with (fancy Embroidery work&daymand). And. Less-coding fency less with Daymad
*🔮Blouse-bevy Meti with frent side embroidery work &full sleeves
*👗👜Happy Shopping👜👗 *
*🔮MC 71001*
*🔮Fabric-Pure Italian crepe (Embroidery work+Pearl work)*
*🔮Blouse- Pure Italian crepe ( full sleeves with embroidery+lacework+Pearl
*👗👜Happy Shopping👜👗 *
👜pallu havvy
💼skt mono net with hevvy fancy coding work with hevy less+ daimond
👝baluse- hevy benglori with -net work-👜
👜MC 71005
🎓Pallu havvy Georgrtte
👜skt-mono havy work with Diamond havy coding less + daimond
*👜 blause- havvy meti work+ daimond 👝
👝happy shoping👝
👛MC 71008 (PARTY WEAR)
👜pallu hevvy satin chifon crape
👜skt havy mono net smoke with havvy fancy coding less
👜 blause havy tapeta velvet with work 👜
👜happy shopping👜
👗MC 71009
👜Pallu havy Georgette
👜Skt havy mono net with work + havy embroidery work less with daimond
👜blause havy meti fant work blause 👜
👜 happy shopping 👗
MC 71012
💼pallu havvy chifon crape
💼skt mono net embroidery work
With coding less
Havy meti work baluse 💼
👗happy shopping 👗
👝pallu havyfancy itailan crape 2d
👝skt havy mono Georgette net work +havvy coding less +daimond
👝blause havy meti work +DAIMOND
👝happy shopping👝
👗MC 71012👗
👜Pallu havy chifon crape
👜skt havvy mono Georgette embroidery work net +coding less
👜blause havy meti work
👜happy shopping👜
👭MC71016👭pallu havy fancy 2d fab
👭Skt havy mono Georgette embroidery work net +embroidery work less
👭 blause net work + benglori
👭happy shopping 👭
💼MC 71014
💼pallu havy fancy fab
💼skt havy mono Georgette net+ fancy hevy net cating pesting net + coding less
💼blause meti + hevy fancy net full slive
💼 happy shopping 💼
💃�pallu havy fancy satin chifon crape
💃�skt havy mono Georgette chine Tich work net +coding less + daimond
💃�blause havy meti blause
💃�happy shopping💃
DVD present new hit catalogue range in singles for my best resaler...
DN.mc70000 series
All fancy fabric use in dis catalogue.
Very best quality in very best rate in market.
*100% ™ QUALITY*

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