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Gwyna Brene

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Electronic LED Lighter Quartz Watch USB Rechargeable surprising:
It is an environmentally friendly electronic lighter and quartz watch, without gas, but charges through USB.
Main Features:
*As a watch:
Built-in quartz movement for accurate time keeping Round dial and soft rubber strap 3 Decorative small non-functioning sub-dials One crown at the flank to adjust the time.
*As an electronic cigarette lighter:-
Environmentally friendly, without gas, but is USB rechargeable
- The watch can charge through the USB interface by a charging cable
- The system starts working when the LED light turn lit during usage
- If the single service time is longer than 15 seconds, the system willstop power automatically and the LED light will flash
- The LED light will blink successively in case of under voltage, whichmeans that batteries are in need of recharging
- When charging, the LED light will turn lit and it will become dark when the batteries are fully recharged

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