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SOLD ₱400

Solitica Lens

On hand lens now only 380php!!!
Affordable but quality lens.
Be more confident! Try one na!
✔Good for 1 year
✔KFDA approved
(Korea Food and Drug Administration)
✔ISO 13485 certified
(International Standards Organization)
✔CE 1023 certified (Conformité Européene)
Used by the celebrities 😘
Soft contact lens, so it's really comfortable 😍
With contact lens case already! 😁
200php if with 35ml solution
You can get on hand items after transaction,
Pre order items will be after 1-3 days.
Graded lens designs depends upon the supplier's stocks, vision correcting lens are pre order
👘 Most sought after Contact lens in Korea
🍥 Soft contact lens for daily fashion wear
🔍 Manufactured in Korea with the most advance technology to surely give high quality lenses and satisfy consumers with its designs and comfort
🔰 Never allow anyone else to wear your lenses, sharing of lenses may increase the chances of eye infections.
🔰 Always remember the expiration period of your contact lenses and make sure to replace them at given time.
Guaranteed 💯% Authentic
💺It is advisable to undergo check up with your optometrist for prescription if you’re suitable to wear contact lenses for first time users.
💄 Please remember that lenses are best used on an occasional basis, it must be properly cleaned if worn every day and should not be worn all day & when you are asleep
#SparkleLens #EliteLens

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