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Remote Control Switching System for 4 Lights & 1 F
contact= +919725832846
Faster delivery. This model with 12 Months warranty.
Made In Indian /Save Electricity/ Inbuilt Memory/ Use for 4 Lights & 1 Fan, NOTE: Check battery in remote before using remote functioning. Don't use Dura Cell battery due to thin surface possible contact.
Humming less Fan Speed/ Highly Durable/Fluctuation less switching for lights/ Relay Based switching (1000 Watt per pt)
No need to change existing wiring / can use inside the board or outside the board (i.e. keep outside only sensor)
Operate through remote control as well as from your existing board manually. / 12 Months warranty with Customer Care Ph/Whapp # +919725832846
" MD Proelectra Wireless Remote Control Switching System for Lights & Fan with Speed Regulation/Dimmer"
It is Indian made automation device to controlling your switches by wireless Remote & Manual both. It can install your existing switch board inside or Outside. Do not need to change any wiring.
> Rooms Particularly at Halls, Bed Rooms, and Kitchens etc.
> Non-reachable range for small kids or Hidden swith boards.
> Conference or Auditoriums halls.
> Can be operated by physically handicapped persons.
> Hospitals, clinics, Restaurants, shops
> Automation, Security, Industrial other use.
Prevents children from risk of electric shock and short circuit.
System saves unnecessary wiring and switches cost of 2 way switching.
Spark less and contact less switching increases switches life.
Updated Features
> Humming less Fan Speed.
> Inbuilt memory remembers last state.
> Relay based ckt
> Wattage Capacity
> Higly durable power supply.
> fluctuation free (flickers diffrent lights)
> Now it can install inside or outside switch board
> 1 Sq mm copper wire & Outter case
Total Lights control points: 4 Points on/off.
Fan Control Points: 1 Speed Regulations(4 Speed Steps)
Max Watt/Pt: 1000 Watt.
Remote operating Voltage : DC 3 Volts AAA Batteries .
Remote operating Distance 42 Feets
Sensor Unit Inches
Installation Boucher
Bill .

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