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SOLD Rs.10,000

Home Base Part time job

Hi friends ... take a minute to read it for 2 minutes. Make your life easier at a time
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It's government registered company.
It's true friends
Sponsor ID: 16001233
Sitting at home Android mobile πŸ“± with 8000 to 15000 thousand every month ...
JOBS VACANCY ? Sirf 6 Month Ki Ghar Baithe WhatsApp Pe Free Training Se Honge Aap Kamyab.
>>No Registration Fees
>>Govt. certified company
>>if you want to join?
>>type "MOBILE JOB" and
send it to whatsapp
>>WhatsApp number-7872796156
Note: - Contact people who just want to get some of the work. Without Work wanting to get something done, Please do not contact me.
⬇ Download
βœ” Registration.
🌹 SPONSOR ID: ... 16001233🌹
(Make note anywhere, you can not signup without sponsor id.)
πŸ“ŒTask: (download 7-9 apps per category) Register must be registered.
Open up to ⏰ 2 min
πŸ•°All hours later, except the ChampCash, all apps can also uninstall.
πŸ‘‰πŸΏ After doing so, your REFER ID will appear on your mobile screen.
πŸ‘‰πŸΏ Then you will get ACTIVE member in the company as you get $ 1 = 62 Rs πŸ’° πŸ’° singup bonus.
You can invite your friends to Whatsapp via Facebook.
πŸ‘‰πŸΏ If you join 10 people and join 10 people, you get 7 levels.
See Example
Level Team Rs. Total (Rs.)
LEVEL 1- 10 Γ— 30 = 300
LEVEL 2- 100 Γ— 6 = 600
LEVEL 3 1000 Γ— 6 = 6000
LEVEL 4- 10,000 Γ— 6 = 60000
LEVEL 5-1 Lac Γ— 6 = 6 Lakh
LEVEL 6- 10 Lac Γ— 3 = 30 lac
LEVEL 7- 1 Crore Γ— 3 = Total Income = Rs. 3,36,66,900 / - (3 crores 36 lac
πŸ‘‰πŸΏ Think, even if you have only 10% success, you get Rs 33,66,690 / - πŸ’° πŸ’° (33+ lac). It's no cost too
πŸ“‡ SPONSOR ID - 16001233
Once the challenge is complete you will be added to the Champcash WhatsApp group.
Do not Install Champcash for Friends Time Pass.
It's all about you in 4-5 days.
πŸ“Plz note :.
This is 100% free earning system
βš™SPONSOR ID: 16001233
Name: Rajat Subhra Roy
Watsapp: 7872796156
"" "The most unemployed is the possibility of leaving the opportunity" ""
(Its not fake, if it proves to be FAKE ... 1000 RS Reacharge .My whatsapp no ​​* 7872796156 *
I will be fully cooperating for you to get updated with how to work with my team at my team any doubts WhatsApp me

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