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Daily Planner Starter Pack for kids - brand new -

Daily Planner Starter Pack for kids - brand new - perfect gift for kids (XMAS/Birthday/Birthday returns) - Education!
TedSteadGo Daily Planner Starter Pack
This daily planner for kids pack includes 20 magnets of activities performed on a daily basis. Your child simply needs to choose the tasks for the day and once complete, they will slide the magnets from the “to do” side to the “done” side, giving them a great sense of achievement and accomplishment, making them very excited to come back to the TedSteadGo magnetic board the next day for a repeat performance.
The pack includes a 2-sided foldable board, 1 magnetic marker with eraser, a pouch to carry magnets, and 20 magnets as follows; Brush Teeth, Bath Time, Get Dressed, Breakfast, Pack Backpack, School Time, Lunch Time, Homework, Play Time, Snack Time, Tidy Up, Dinner time, Wash Hands and Face, Family Time, Make Bed, Reading Time, Bed Time, Nap Time & 2 Blank
Price $80 for the full set
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