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Jess B Dadivas

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Placenta set

📍An effective skin-firmer, lifter and hydrator.
Treats scenic skin and skin damaged from over-exfoliation. It has anti-aging properties as they promote Collagen production and increase skin elasticity.
📍Imagine the power of placenta cells if you use them on your face. Dr. Alvin's Placenta set will rejuvenate the cells of your face and foster the differentiation of new skin cells on your face.
📍The protein-rich placenta extract has been found to be an exceptional skin treatment. In fact, the healing power of Dr. Alvin's Placenta Set is to repair the skin damage, loss of elasticity, uneven pigmentation, deep lines and wrinkles.
📍Dr. Alvin's Placenta Set creates healthy protein that strengthen and protect the vital collagen structure that keeps skin acting and looking youthful.
📍By stimulating circulation, skin cells regenerate more quickly to firm skin tone and repair fine lines and wrinkles.

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