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πŸƒ Meyyong cream and soap available
Meiyong Super Extra Whitening Cream Seaweed Face lift natural Algae
Herbal and seaweed Mei Yong, Super White, cream, acne treatment, relief and high performance cream from Thailand
Mei Yong and relieve acne cream is popular. Help relieve acne, freckles and dark spots on the performance give a white skin.
A black spot and can see the change within two weeks. The combination use of this cream helps to build hormones and new skin cells
The Box contains three cartridges :
Pink - Sunscreen protection SPF 30
Green - Seaweed extract Moisturizer containing vitamin E and C
Blue - Anti Melasma protection night repair cream
The rich and nourishing properties from natural herbs and seaweed helps to keep your facial skin fresh, and soft white glow. Algae are the active ingredients. Does not contain harmful chemicals therefore it's safe to use and does not cause irritation.
Description : Meiyong Seaweed Super Whitening + Face Lift Cream from Taiwan
Condition : Brand new, sealed, never open
Size : 20 grams each cartridge x 3 = 60 grams
How to use :
Wash your face, apply the Green cartridge follow by the pink.
At night, apply the blue cartridge follow by the green.
If the level of Melasma has decrease you can stop using the blue

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