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Luxxe Slim (L-carnetine & Green Tea Extract)

❤️Luxxe Slim contains L-Carnitine which is a natural substance in our body that converts fats into energy so you are losing weight naturally.
❤️Luxxe Slim makes you sweat 2-3 times more WITHOUT EXERCISE!
❤️Luxxe Slim is good for the brain, heart and blood circulation
❤️Luxxe Slim will not suppress your diet and it is non-laxative
❤️For people who goes to the gym, Luxxe Slim is also good for muscle development.
GREEN TEA EXTRACT is to make sure after slimming down your skin is still smooth!
✔️ Made in the USA
✔️ 500MG per capsule
✔️ Includes Vitamin C in the capsule
✔️ FDA approved, HALAL certified, with international GMP Seal
For orders message me 09197030142/09167571503

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