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無線手機充電器 Wireless Charger for mobile phone

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需要額外一個5v2a輸出的USB充電器(不包),有個Micro Usb口作輸入,手機坐有通電無放電時亮紅燈,有通電有放電時亮藍燈。
注意:只有特定型號及較新的手機(例如Samsung S7) 才有內置無線充電接收器,否則要手機設計時已有另加背貼設計(例如Smasung S3 S4 S5 Note 2 Note 3 Note 4),或是買外置接收器(例如iphone、Smsung C9 Pro)。但我不建議用外置接收器,因為充電依然會佔用充電口,而且有機會影響手機的NFC功能。
This ensure your phone to charge without having to plug the data cable, thus lower the damage to the port on the phone.
in white.
Requires an additional 5v2a usb charger (not included) to input electricity through the Micro Usb hub behind, when there are electricity but no discharge, the red light goes on, when there is electricity output to the mobile phone, the light become blue.
This is just an emitter, if you need a successful wireless charging system, you need an integrated receiver or external receiver for your phone, please check if your phone have one, I do not provide receiver.

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