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SOLD $499

B&O Play earphones REDUCED to $499 only (100% bran

- Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound.
Beoplay deliver big, accurate Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound in a small format. And a miniature bass port in the internal cabinet, provides provides a powerful bass performance.
- Precise design for maximum comfort.
Beoplay have a unique housing crafted from a lightweight metal that makes it robust yet ultra-light.
26 air vents have been precision drilled into the housing of the earphones to reduce weight and provide comfort and amazing acoustics.
- Designed for any ear size and shape.
An extra soft rubber earbud, available in different sizes, ensures a perfect fit for almost any ear size and shape. The earbud is placed slightly off axis to the speaker unit to fit the funnel of the human ear. And because of the great fit, there is no sound leakage – and you get incredible acoustic performance.
- Tangle resistant and hassle free.
A tangle resistant cord makes Beoplay easy to grab and use without having to waste time untangling it - even if it has been stuffed into a pocket.
The tactile controls on the inline remote and microphone give you hassle-free control over your device right from the cord.
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