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Nick Jorell Rizalde Latigo

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Creamy Pies

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Once again, thank you for sharing your Christmas with NickAi's Cakes and Pies Bakeshop.
On behalf of the shop, I and the rest of the staff would like to thank you and apologize as well for those who had disregarded orders we haven't catered.
As I mentioned earlier before Christmas, that we could only accept 150 plates orders on the 24th of December. We actually exceeded from our quota of 150 and reached roughly 350 plates orders. However we only catered 280 plates that day due to printed box shortage. We only had 250+ boxes remaining by that time and the rest were put in styro plates for those customers who agreed to.
I could not do this without the help of each of every people involved in the team. Good job to you all.
We are now open for reservation. We will do 200 plates on December and and 250 plates on December 31.
PM me or text/call 09102625207.
NickAi's Cakes and Pies Bakeshop.

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